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    I tried searching and didn't find this:

    What's the easiest way to save a plaintext or html list of the URLs in your Blazer bookmarks? I'd like to be able to put them in a memo pad or Word document without copying and pasting one at a time.

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    I hadn't tried this before, but I just had pretty good luck doing the following:
    1. Installed SiEd
    2. Using FileZ, copied the Blazer Bookmarks file from Internal to the Card
    3. Using FileZ, renamed the card copy of Blazer_Bookmarks.pdb to Blazer_Bookmarks.txt
    4. Opened Blazer_Bookmarks.txt in SiEd
    5. Selected and deleted all the garbage at the beginning of the file
    6. Edit/Select All, Edit/Copy

    From here, I pasted into Docs to Go to clean stuff up (Find and Replace, etc); the result could be kept in DTG or copied and pasted into Memos. Although SiEd has a Find and Replace function, the odd characters are more easily cleaned up in DTG, because they're turned into underscores there.
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    Well, there's custom service! Thanks. Guess I have to go figure out what SiEd is....
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    Ok, for others who didn't know:
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    I like using the draft feature in Versamail which is not limited to 100 bookmarks. They show as active links, just select and go. Also simple to email to others.

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