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    The Seidio INNO∙Charger is designed specifically to work with your extra and spare Treo 650 batteries. You can charge your extra battery with any office or home computer. This uniquely designed Charger also comes equipped with a built-in
    . This is the perfect INNO add-on for any Treo 650 user.

    The Brand New Stand-Alone Spare Battery Charger is just what everyone has been waiting for! The INNO.Charger gives every Treo 650 the option to have a spare battery and charge it while they are using the battery in their phone. It comes in a super convenient size with an extremely ergonomic shape. The color matches either the Treo Blue or the Treo Silver perfectly. The Built-In stylus-holder was added into the product for even better desktop convenience possible.
    (Stylus and battery not included)

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    Seidio is a leading manufacturer of accessory products for PDAs, digital music players and Smartphones and focuses its development activities on innovative products to enhance the use of such devices. As a global player, Seidio operates in Europe, Asia, and North America.
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    Can't wait until my charger arrives.

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