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    I've had several glitches with Chatter during the trial period, mostly minor and tolerable. The most recent one is a deal killer (i indeed Chatter is the culprit), so I hope it can be resolved.

    Phone locks on incoming calls. I have a Verizon 600. Other programs include Butler 3.13, KeyCaps, and Callfilter. After several seconds, the phone locks with call timer usually stuck at 0:06. I can only get out of this with a soft reset and interestingly the timer in the call log usually lists the time as something like 36 seconds which is the time it probably takes to terminate the call via reset.

    Chatter has been installed within the last 2 weeks. Butler was upgraded within the last month. I have been tweaking the settings in Chatter over the last 2 weeks and problem only seems to have begun in the last several days.
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    When a voice call is in progress, Chatter doesn't do anything in the background. I guess anything is possible, but I don't think Chatter is a likely suspect.


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