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    I have a sprint treo 650 with 1.12 update performed. I had it fully charged last night and put it in my car. Made sure the phone was off and display was off. I had one appointment at 7:30 am that was set to notify me 30 minutes prior.

    When I got into the car at 7am my battery was down to 12 or so %. any ideas? It's happened a couple times in the past, and I've always thought it had to do with an alert or appointment reminder going off all night every few minutes.


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    Sounds like you have a bad battery. My Sprint 650 with the new firmware usually has at least 75% battery left at the end of the day, and I use it quite a bitthroughout the day. I also leave Bluetooth on all the time.
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    did you leave your bluetooth on?

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