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    I did a search and I know a lot of this stuff is just repeated over and over but here is my specific question.

    One of the big advantages I see to the Palm BT Headset is that I only have to carry one charger with me instead of two...I already carry way too many chargers for other stuff!

    Who has used the Palm, who likes it, who doesn't, and why?

    Thanks and sorry for repeating threads!
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    As you mentioned, there are a lot of reviews, here and at other websites. In my review I noted it's small size and light weight. Despite those two qualities I never forgot I had it on. It worked perfectly with the Treo and sound quality was excellent. I can push a good volume but at the expense of overpowering the speaker (serious crackling on the highest volume.)
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    I have one and like it a lot. It's my first BT headset
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    The Treo BT Headset was the 1st BT headset I purchased for my SPCS Treo 650. While it is a fine headset, and does have the advantage of using the same charger as the Treo, I was never fully pleased with it. I recently purchased a Scala 500 with a semi-transparent frosted housing, quite cool looking. All in all I am more pleased with the Scala 500 then the Treo BT Headset. I think it fits "me" better and sounds as good if not better then the Treo BT, IMHO of course.

    I may consider putting the Treo BT Headset up for sale in the Marketplace.
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    I've started to notice more the limited range of the Treo itself. On both the Treo headset and the Sony 608 I get static unless the headset is very close to the phone. They crackle and pop...worse the further you go from the phone. The Sony might be slightly worse but I'll have to do more testing to determine that. I'm leaning, now, toward the Tekkeon ezTalker ET2000. I gotta get off this Treo merrygoround soon.

    ...edit. Just occured to me that Treo headset is probably the only one that will support call waiting....that is too nice a feature to give up.
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    I am thinking about buying either the Palm or the Scala 500. The latter has a bunch of nice accessories, but the Palm basically only a "pouch". I have not been able to see an image of this pouch. I need something that I can put on my belt along with my Treo 650. M
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    i have both the jabra 250 and the treo bt headset. both seem to sound pretty good on my side and on the other persons side . the jabra seems to stay on a little better, but the huge plus on the treo headset side is that it auto answers when i make and receive a call. the other plus ,as you stated, is that it uses the same charger. both are comfortable to wear for long periods of time, but the treo one seems to be a bit lighter.
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    I also have the Treo headset and it works flawlessly. The biggest problem for me is the sound is not as loud as I would like it to be. It is quite comfortable to wear, I sometimes forget I'm wearing it. As for the Scala, it seems like a lot of people are having problems with theirs. Just my 2 cents.

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