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    Is it possible to use these at the same time?

    Will the exchange mailboxes get screwed up or would any changes I make with chatter just get updated in goodlink and the other way around?

    I like good....just don't like the mail interface. I like having my 4 imap accounts in the way chatter does it.

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    It should work -- you should be able to run both clients. One downside, you will be buzzing twice as much.

    I also wonder what it would do to your battery life as both would be connecting. Also, would you miss calls because you would be in data mode twice as much?
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    Good points....
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    I use both GoodLink and Chatter at the same time on a Sprint 650. I haven't seen an increase in missed calls due to the data connections used by Chatter.

    As far as battery life goes, I have both programs running all day and talk a below-average amount. The battery lasts for 1.5 days with those usage patterns, so basically I charge it every night.

    One issue (apparently with Chatter) is that the only times my 650 crashes are when I switch from GoodLink to Chatter or vice versa, especially if Chatter is in the middle of a network operation (such as connecting to SMTP to send an e-mail).
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    Can you have more then 1 imap mailbox at the same time with good?
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    I'm running Chatter and Goodlink simultaneously with no problems, well, except that Goodlink is serious bloatware IMHO. I am not however, accessing the same inbox with both clients.
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  7.    #7 I should my main mailbox and use it with good...then use the other 2 with chatter
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    Well, my GoodLink is for my work Outlook mailbox, so I don't have any say between the two. Personally, I prefer GoodLink to Chatter in terms of the interface, stability and responsiveness.
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    I use both as well. I had my share of issues, but all are resolved now. I have two articles posted on how to get it all to play nicely. Might be worth a read:

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