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    Hey guys, I got TomTom 4 installed and working on my Treo 650, paired the PalmOne GPS Bluetooth reciever successfully. My problem is when I launch TomTom it will not pick up the PalmOne bluetooth GPS reciever. I have removed the GPS and added it multiple times and even tried deleting my other paired devices in case there was some issues with that, but still no luck. I searched all the boards and can't find anything. Please help, I spent all this money and Im so close yet so far...Thanks everyone in advance
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    The best way to get things talking is as follows:

    1) Turn on the GPS
    2) Wait for it to get a fix
    3) Turn on Bluetooth on the Palm(optional, I use Bluefang to automate this step)
    4) Launch Navigator.

    Hope it helps.


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