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    Share your "survival" stories.

    Today, I had my Treo on the desk in it's cradle, but due to some rerouting of cords, it was plugged into an outlet across the room.

    Someone came a pounding at the door, dog went nuts, I jumped up wondering what could be so darned important, and voila! I tripped on the cord, the cradle went to the floor. The Treo flew out and bounced on a box and landed a good 8 feet away.

    I was so upset I left the office for 15 minutes, too scared to see the repurcussions of my own stupidity. I finally bit the bullet and came back to examine my little friend, who had not a scratch!

    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    Just yesterday, I was pulling ny treo out of its holster. I usually put my thumb on the screen and my first two fingers on the back and give it a flick to sping it 180 to a usable position, but that time it flew out of ny hand and went flying onto my hardwood floor where it impacted solidly. My wife murmered some thing about it being a good thing I got the insurance,but turns out the treo was fine.

    So today, I was waiting for a taxi and I pulled out the treo for a little irouge action and wheb I launched I got some ugly error (games I keep on the 1GB sdram chip). So I look, and my chip is not there.

    OK, long story short (typing this on treo) the floor has been swept at least three times by now so I figure I am totally out of luck, but the chip had flown another five feet under a box.

    Ok my thumbs are sore now...
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    Laid down my motorcycle yesterday rounding a curve and landed directly on my right side. I have a sore hip from that, but more relevantly, I had my Treo 650 in my right jeans pocket. There were definite scuff marks on my jeans where the Treo made contact with the pavement, but after I brushed myself off and shook off the cobwebs, the Treo was fine. It was a low speed fall, but I'm still impressed. I don't keep it in any case. The only cushion for it was a thin layer of denim.

    I wish my bike was as sturdy.
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    My manager dropped his 650 from a 4th floor hotel balcony while talking on the phone. The person on the other end only heard the dimishing sound of his screams. Amazingly, it landed in a bush and came away with nary a scratch.

    The rest of my sales team? Not so lucky. They sport the most beat up treos known to man (e.g. wall to wall scratches, missing dummy SD cards, etc.).
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    I've had stairway railings catch on and pull my Treo 650 right out of the stupid belt clip case, which seems to stick out more than an inch. It bounced down 2 flights of a concrete stairway once. Another time it bounced about 10 feet across a concrete sidewalk. Lots of scratches, front, side and back, but it still works just fine.

    I've had to resort to using a bungee cord to strap the Treo into its case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mediasi
    Someone came a pounding at the door, dog went nuts, I jumped up wondering what could be so darned important, and voila! I tripped on the cord, the cradle went to the floor. The Treo flew out and bounced on a box and landed a good 8 feet away.

    Please tell me you have this on video! The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    I had a co-worker spin around and knock mine out of my hand while I was holding it up to take a pic of a the space shuttle airlock while it was out of the vehicle. My Treo was falling to the concrete floor so I flipped my foo out to try and give it a little deflection from a direct hit. It work, only minor scrapes.

    I laid my motorcycle down on the side I wear the Treo I guess the Treo leather holster protected it.

    I've been lucky so far. I try to stay away from water with it. The toilet at work is my biggest fear. I just don't think I could retrieve it and if I did it would have to go on eBay. So be careful if you see a great deal for a used one.
    Mike G

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    I was playing with my kids the other day and they pulled out my old skateboard. I hopped on and did a couple of tricks... one of which landed me on my side... which is where my Treo is clipped on my belt. There were a couple of good gouges and scrapes, but the camera was fine and the Treo still works great.

    It has also popped out of my holster several times after getting snagged on something. Each time it has landed on concrete. The SD card always pops out (which flies pretty far), and the Treo displayed an error on the screen. After a soft reset, however, all was well again.
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    While on an extreme shopping trip I had my treo on the swivel clip, just when my husband called I grabbed it to put to my ear. I must have been startled and it flew out of my hand about 5 feet, even over a large rack of purses on to the cold hard marble floor. I acted like one of my kids had been hit by something. I am sure I screamed and ran to its poor injured side. To my surprise it was perfect, but while kneeling on the floor I noticed the card under a rack about 5 feet away. I would be have been lost without my 1gb sd, the magnitudes of privileged and confidential law documents on it and of course my MP3's and Movies!

    Now have a cover, grips and keep it in my purse and use the "ignore" button constantly when the phone rings.
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    I was downtown Indy watching Bob & Tom perform a live concert outside at night. I was taking a bunch of pictures and video with my treo. I dropped the treo on the pavement and picked it up and it still worked, and later I tried to take another picture but it wouldn't take it - No Memory Card! The tiny SD card had fallen out during the fall and was somewhere on the pavement, in the dark, in the middle of 1000 people. So I turned the Treo on as used the light to look for the card, and lo and behold:
    The guy's foot in front of me had a little blue plastic piece sticking out from under the back of his shoe. I bent down and gently lifted it from under his shoe - and there it was - my un-backed up SD card scratched and banged up, but it is still working 4 months later.
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    I went on a backpacking trip through Yosemite and it poured on us when we were hiking in. My treo was evidently in a non-waterproof part of my bag (took it for the clock) and had a puddle under the screen. It stayed there for 3 days until I got home had a chance to crack it open and take a hairdryer to it. Water dried up and has worked fine ever since (2 months).
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    I pulled into my garage and was about ready to close the car door when I remembered my Treo was still in the car kit. My other hand was full and when I went to push the door closed, my Treo flew out of my hand onto the hard concrete floor directly onto its back. The battery case flew off as did the battery but amazingly not a scratch and it works perfectly.
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    I have a few accident stories with my Treo. One is, getting out of my car with my hands full, the Treo being held by my pinky and my thumb. I bump myself on the car, the Treo goes flying and lands on the concrete 6 feet below. The battery case, battery, stylus, and SD card go flying and are scattered across the pavement. I look down at the Treo and amazingly, only a small scratch and everything is fine.

    Another one was where my Treo got into a fight with a door and the door won. It just so happened my Treo was on the floor and my roommate walks in the door and slams it open. The corner of the door smashes into my Treo and throws it into a wall. That was probably the most damage that I have had done to my Treo, there is a fairly large gouge in the upper right corner, where it's completely chipped, and not only the paint.

    But still, after numerous drops and other accidents, I am amazed at the durability of this device.

    Sprint Treo 650

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    Quote Originally Posted by logicpaw
    I've had to resort to using a bungee cord to strap the Treo into its case.

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