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    My phone is constantly soft re-setting by itself. I have pinned it down to different times. Missing a phone call where the caller leaves a voice mail. After the phone recieves a voice mail it resets. Hitting done when you are finished in the text message screen, the phone resets. When you use bluetooth and end a call, the phone resets.

    Anyone else have any of these issues. Please help. I love my Treo but am about to kick it for a field goal.
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    Sorry we missed this thread. There are a lot of different reasons your phone will constantly reset. Looking at the symptoms, which youve done, can help you rule out causes.
    Here are a few ideas, search around for more:
    +GSM or battery could be loose. Put folded paper behind it to snug it up.
    +Memory could be full or close to full. Delete programs or use a program like cardlauncher to move progs to your SD card.
    +Memory issue. Get the latest update which fixed the memory allocation problems (which version of the phone do you have?
    +unstable 3rd party app. Does the phone have these problems with no software installed? Get palminternals and search around here for info about how to get useful diagnostics from it.
    +Bad phone. I suspect fewer phones are bad then people think and a lot of these return issues are due to one of the above. But what do I know? Maybe I just lucked out and got a good one.

    The only time mine crashes is when its running questionable software.
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    htrd, what service provider are you using?
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    I have Sprint. The newest software Palm has out. I watch their site like a hawk. I do have Ringo pro. I think that this is causing the problem. Have you heard anything about that??

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