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  • Moto HS810/850

    8 12.12%
  • Moto HS 820

    2 3.03%
  • PalmOne Treo Headset

    15 22.73%
  • SE HBH660

    5 7.58%
  • SE HBH600

    3 4.55%
  • other

    33 50.00%
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    There are a lot of threads about this already, but there's no clear winner from reading through the posts. I'm in the market and I found myself more confused about which to get than when I started reading them. So, I'm going to list the popular ones. If I miss one, choose "other" and say what it is in the thread.
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    I broke down and got the Logitech Mobile Freedom and couldn't be happier!

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    Jabra BT250 for me
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    Have the Logitech Mobile Pro and loving it!
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    HBH-600 with the Jabra Clear Gels. I've only had this combo for 1 day, so I might totally change my mind in a week. I loved the Cardo Scala, Bluespoon, and Jabra at first but they all had their qwirks. Mostly due to volume & static issues. The 600 seems too work pretty flawless so far.
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    PalmOne Treo Headset- I like when it paired to nokia 6230 owesome you can listen with the MP3. Perfect paired with Nokia6230.
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    Could you who voted "other" say what other headset you're talking about? Thanks.
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    I have only had 2 headsets, HBh-600 and the treo. I thought voice quality was a 8/10, fit was a 3/10(couldn't hear anything if you had a window or sunrood open without smashing the ear piece to your ear.
    I picked the treo headset, because of the charger it is the same as the 650's.
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    logitech mobile freedom hands down
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    I like the Scala 500. It was 35 bucks and works pretty good. The sound qualitity is great everyone I talk to on it says the same.
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    been using the jabra bt250 since december and it has worked out well. a buddy of mine just gave me a treo headset but have not had time to thoroughly test it out.
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    I've had the two cheapest headsets you can get: the Scala 500 and the Logitech Mobile Freedom. Both are fine. The Logitech has better range and might sound a little better. The Scala is a tad more comfortable (but feels less secure), and looks better (IMO).

    Note: don't use the plastic holster that comes with the Scala. That's how I lost mine
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    Going through doing my own test paired with Sprint's Treo 650. So far, disappointed with bluetooth after all the hype.

    Side by side, I tried Jabra BT800, BT250V and Moto HS850. BT800 was too complicated to use, doesn't sit still on your ears, and the voice quality was marginal. Expected much more for the price. You'd have to carry around a manual to use all the features crammed in.

    BT205V is simpler in UI, fit better but voice quality was terrible. Got staticie no matter how far from the phone.

    Out of the 3, the best has been the HS850. Simple to use, sits well on the ears, and voice quality was good. Not great but good. Plus it folds and I've been able to clip it on my shirt pocket when I'm not using it. I'm now going to test it against Logitech Mobile Freedom and the Scala 500.
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    Jabra 250V has worked great. Well, except when I dropped it into the sink with the water running.
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    Been through a lot of headsets,although wired ( BT ) it`s in stereo,always connected and can listen to ptunes.Love it!
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    I voted other and am using the SE HBH-662. I switched to this headset from the HBH-300 and the more I use it the more I like it. The 300 had slightly better mic quality because of the boom, but not better to the extent that I would switch back to it from the 662. The 662 is smaller, speaker volume is louder, and is more comfortable than the 300. I also had the Jabra BT250 but it was useless outside or in noisy environments so I sold it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnH59
    Jabra BT250 for me
    this works for me too. it is the only one i tried
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    Started with the 850 thought it was OK to Good. But then tried the Treo and found it pairs up better my Treo 650. Returned the 850, it might work OK for other phones, but using the Treo BT it's a much better match. Allows activation of the auto features like auto answer, call waiting etc

    Another nice earpiece benefit I've recently realized (besides the one of not getting the $100 fine while driving in NY) is that most phones including the 650 get very hot on the side of your face after extended talk time. They really heat up.
    The headset really solves this issue. Now I just have to deal with a hot pocket
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    Right now I'm working on a review of the S/E HBH-600. It's now my new fav headset.
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    Logitech Mobile Freedom - very happy with it!
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