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    I know there is talk about an Opera browser but that is not ready for the Treo yet. A major reason I move to a Windows Mobile device was the web access on the Treo being too limited. However, I still really like the device and might pick another one up soon. I would like to know if there have been any improvements to web browsing...third party apps of course...
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    Blazer is so slow, I'm at a loss as to how anyone could say it is the best. It looks the best and if it rendered at any acceptable rate it would be the best. But for now, I can't say there is a best. I use Xiino for speed and blazer for looks. I also use avantgo every now and then. I'm still waiting for the "best"!
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    picsel is the best. I've used web, xiino, and opera. Nothing even comes close to picsel - but there is a slight learning curve with the hacked version as it was not made for the treo.

    Check out this thread about picsel:

    and check here for the files (grab 'em before they're gone!)

    Read through the thread for usage instructions.. Double tap and drag is key...
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    Hey sam-i-am, Do you know how to input letter and stuff for picsel? I went to google, but it seems like there's no way to input anything... Also, do you know which icon is the cache?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo
    There's Opera Mini, and it works great on Treo.
    Any idea where to get it - the Opera site says it is only available in Norway...
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    chenling - I just double tap the bar where you input text and it pops up a little window where I can type an entry. The OK and CANCEL buttons are in chinese or something but it's pretty obvious (OK on the left, CANCEL on the right). You seem to have to be zoomed in to a certain point though.

    To zoom in you double tap the middle of the screen and hold the second tap. Draggin up and down zooms in and out, left and right will draw a box which will be zoomed into.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kayden75
    Any idea where to get it - the Opera site says it is only available in Norway...
    Search around these forums. I can't remember how I got it, as it is sent via text message from the site. I think someone has posted it around somewhere...
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    our company uses Opera with the treo because we need to access the Akeni Enterprise IM's web client. Opera is working very well and they are constantly improving with more features and stability.

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