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    I have moved from a Kyocera 7135 and it had the ability to highlight a phone number imbedded in a memo, calendar entry, or todo and then have that number dialed. Is there a way to easily do this on the Treo 650? The only way I have found is to highlight the phone number, push the "Menu" button and then type "c" to copy the phone number to the clipboard, push the green "phone" button, click the "Menu" button and then type "p" to paste the phone number in the dialer, and then finally hit the green "send" button.

    Hopefully there is an easier way to replace what was a two stroke dial on my Kyocera.

    Regards, Steve Yarbrough (aka SLYDoggie)
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    Quote Originally Posted by delao13
    Thanks, exactly what I was looking for. I knew there had to be a way... even if it wasn't part of the base Treo software.
    -----> Regards, Steve Yarbrough (aka SLYDoggie)

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