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    First time poster here...

    I have learned a lot by reading the forum, but have not been able to solve one problem. When my 650 freezes up or crashes, I sometimes can get the program "SOFT RESET" to reset the 650 for me. Sometimes the "CRASH" program I have detects a crash, and resets for me. However, most of the time, I have to remove that blasted back cover (after I take off the rubber skin cover I have), and press the reset button.

    I set out to solve this problem, as I have seen many other complaints about lack of an external reset button. Long story short, it occured to me that ALL I had to do was carefully drill a hole in the rear cover, just over the reset button, just large enough to slide the stylus through. I carefully melted a hole in the rubber skin cover, and now I just insert my stylus, and my 650 is reset!

    I hope this isn't an "old trick" I just missed...
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    Day late, and a dollar short.

    Check this link:

    or perhaps this one:

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