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    We got the latest version of the easysync Pro 4.2.3 on August 3, 2005 and I was hoping everything will go smoothly but unfortunately did not happen.

    I have synchronized Palm 5 and EasySync Pro 4.2.3 in most of the items except the E-Mail part of it. It looks that palm gives you error the minute it found e-mails with a large attachments and as a result the synchronization operation got aborted. ( *** FYI *** IF you get a Mailbox with lesser e-mails the Synchronization between Palm and EASYSYNC Pro will go without any problem)

    I try to setup filters on the application Easysync to exclude large e-mails with attachments, but no luck

    I also try to maximize the size the e-mail on the INBOX SENT DRAFT to 9999KB on the EasySync Pro, but not with a positive result.

    1-. The exact message that comes when fails is " Message Truncated" Within the Summary of errors and warnings box

    2-. The second error that arises after hot Proceed on the previous screen is the following:

    EasySync Pro " with the Red X" with the message stating

    "Requested database, record, resource, etc. not found Run all the applications (address, Datebook, todo list and Mail) at least once in the device and try again If the Device uses Versamail, MultiMail or any other non-complaint e-mail application, please uncheck the mail checkbox.

    Can you please let me know what to do at your earliest convenience, If you come across the same issues with customers from other companies and how you were able to resolve the issues, if you think you can not resolve this issue please let us know anyway so at least we know if this operation will work.
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    You actually did better than me. I am a Lotus Notes user also but have not been able to get EMAIL to sync at all. I get an error message that says that there is a conflict with VersaMail (which I use for my personal email).

    Regards, Steve Yarbrough (aka SLYDoggie)

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