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    According to this page they're calling the i730 the best smartphone.

    Anyway, it's Cnet, they're clueless.
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    They're both rated by the same reviewer at 8.3. I think its interesting that she write this about the i730: "Who's it for: Business users who want a Treo-style smart phone with Wi-Fi and Windows Mobile." So its a Treo wannabe?
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    CNet has placed them (The Treo 650 and the i730) in two different categories:

    Treo 650: Handhelds/PDAs
    Samsung i730: Cell phones

    Yet in both categories, they listed them as "Best Smartphone".

    Personally, I don't think they don't know how to classify these devices, so they lump them into whatever list suits them at the time.
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    It seems Cnet has a "Best smartphone" in both the PDA and Cell phone sections. Treo wins "Best smartphone" in the PDA section, and the i730 wins in the Cell phone section.

    Maybe that means that the Treo650 is more for the PDA crowd?

    They both get 8.3 points from the editors. The Treo lucks out on average user ratings: it only gets a 6.4 from 279 users, whereas the i730 gets 8.0 rating from 62 users.

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