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    I've looked around for a bit here and elsewhere and can't find anything.

    Is there a way I can record phone calls on my 650? I'd like to be able to, every once in a while, create an MP3 or something of an important call.

    Seems like all the pieces are there, but not connected.
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $650$ $does$ $not$ $include$ $internal$ $digital$ $signal$ $processing$ $of$ $a$ $duplex$ $voice$ $call$.

    However, you can use an app like mVoice which is sufficiently sensitive to capture the analog audio of your voice and that of your call party via the earpiece. When your recording is synced (actually just uploaded one-way) to your PC, it is converted to a wav file.

    There are many threads on this. Search for "recording voice conversations".
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