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    Hi all, I am a dare I say it pocket PC user but my girlfriend uses a treo. I went to Bluetooth services but all I see is head set and car. How does a treo send files Bluetooth?
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    I think thats crippled on Treos. Sorry.
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    You need to turn discovery mode on on the Treo and the PPC.

    I can send file back and fore to a desktop or a motorola phone just fine.
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    It's NOT crippled on the treo. When you select a pic or video or whatever click the menu button and the send file (there will be an option to send via bluetooth). As mentioned above you need to turn the discovery mode on both devices. If you use it a lot set them up as trusted devices so you will not have to pair every time. This is one of the great things I can do with the Treo is send files via the bluetooth. When I surf the web on my PC I can select send via Bluetooth and it will send it to my Treo.

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