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    I really don't want
    to install the full Datebk because of the size and the fact that I
    wouldn't use a majority of it's features.

    I see that a Weekview standalone is available, though.

    Will it integrate with the built-in calendar? I
    currently use 2Day as my initial view, then cycle through a set number
    of other views of the calendar. Can I still default the hardware
    calendar button to 2Day, then have the next push of the hardware
    button go to the weekview, then to the monthly view?
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    Anyone used this?
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    didn't quite get what u mean but yes you assign the hardware button to cycle thru different views. Just in case: home>preferences>buttons.
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    Well, it's a little more complicated than that.

    2Day is currently launced with the first press of the datebook button. There, it has setting to cycle through a certain number of built-in datebook views.

    This worked well on the 600, as the weekview was included.

    I'm just now sure how well Weekview integrates.

    I'd want the first press of the datebook button to go to 2day, the second to weekview, then to be able to cycle through default calendar views.

    Just kinda doubtful this is possible.

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