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    Hi, newbie here. I've had the Treo 650 for about 2 weeks and find it more useful every day. I have the software Ringo to manage my ringtones, and when you transfer .mp3 files over to the phone the program forces you to store these files on the SD Card. I am having a problem deleting the .mp3 files from the SD Card, aside from formating the card which wipes out everything. I have been able to delete other files from the card, but when I go to "delete" and select the card the files do not appear in the list of files to delete. I know the mp3 files are there because the memory shows that they some memory is gone, and my ringtones are recognized (the phone rings using the mp3 files).

    Anyway, I think that the Palm OS may not recognize the .mp3 files as valid Palm files so that may be why I don't see these files in the list to delete. Does anyone know how to delete .mp3 files from my card, without formatting?

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    If you get yourself a card reader its as easy as in windows....

    Slide the card in the reader and plug into your usb on the computer....find the file and delete......
    How are you installing the files...through the card then moving them to RAM?
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    Thanks, I don't know why I didn't think of this myself.

    No, Ringo requires that you keep them on the SD card so I install them there and keep them there.
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    By using the free app FileZ , you can see and delete (or move, or copy) files that are in your Treo's internal memory OR on your SD card.

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