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    Any feedback from those who use the 300 and wear glasses?

    Size of battery would seem to make it cumbersome to use for us "4-eyes" but looking for practical experience.
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    Wearing mine as I type! I do not find it to be a problem but could if I focused on it. I have tried 6 BT headphones and the 300 is, by far, the best that I have used. I do find that, because it does fit into the ear canal, I need to take it off for while throughout the day and give my poor ear a rest! If I do not expect to be on the phone much then I just keep it iin my pocket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hhbarnes
    Any feedback from those who use the 300 and wear glasses?

    Size of battery would seem to make it cumbersome to use for us "4-eyes" but looking for practical experience.
    I find it quite cumbersome and uncomfortable. I also can't get it to automatically transfer the call like the Scala did. Unfortunatley, my Scala got the "beeps of death"--uncontrolled and unexplained beeping.

    My glass end up skewed or the HBH 300 pressing uncomfortable against my ear. Definitely not a 5/5 device.
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    well, i had to try one out and compare it with my logitech mobile, I'll let you guys know how it goes..
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    Quote Originally Posted by pizenson
    Big Tone,
    I am curious about which one you've ended up using more over the past couple of weeks. I've got a 662 and have read a lot of good things on here about the 300 so I've been thinking of giving it a try, but would like to hear which one you've stuck with.
    Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I've been out of town on vacation! I decided to stick with the 662. I find the louder speaker volume to outweigh the mic not eliminating background noise as well as the 300. Consequently, I found a windscreen that fit on the 662 so I will be testing that out over the next few days to see if that improves the mic quality when in noisy environments. If it does then I could comfortably say the 662 beats the 300 in every catagory except battery life. More to come....
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    Ok, so after using the wind screen on the 662 for a few days, I have noticed an improvement, but it's still not as clear as the 300. The background noise cancelling feature worked exceptionally well on the 300 and surpassed my expectations when the windscreen was added to it. The 662 works at about the level I expected it to. Not as good as the 300, but good enough to replace it due to the other features previously discussed.
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    I went out and bout the windscreen at Radio Shack. But my girlfriend was already slapping me around pretty good about my HBH-300's dorkiness and size and I think the windscreen will send her around the bend!

    It's still a pretty big ball.

    Maybe I can cut and paste a piece of windscreen to the mic. Wait. I probably won't do that. Not risking my headset!

    To heck with her! LOL!

    Or maybe I'll just do without the windscreen. Relationships ARE about compromise...
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    First off, embrace the dorkiness, run to it with abandon and get a pocket protector as well. Secondly, where do I find this ear gel that people speak of?

    Dan Finn
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    If you mean the purple ones, I don't know. ebay I guess. But I say assorted sizes jarbra eargels with the little flanges in CLEAR color at radio shack.

    P.S. And I would embrace it, but ever since I made my woman watch "Monty Python's The Life of Brian" I've been on thin ice!
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    I have the purple eargel on my 662 and had it on my 300. I got it from eBay. I didn't have much success with the clear gels from Radio Shack, but if you're going to glue it on your headset it may work for you. However, I did notice that the clear gels weren't as comfortable as the colored ones.
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    I gave the 300 to my wife and got the 662. Happy with it so far. Very quick pickups and clear on the listening end. So far battery life seems good.
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