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    I am looking for a way to synch my Outlook contacts from my home PC and my Lotus Notes calendar from my office PC onto a Treo 600. Intellisynch support does not support running there product on two PC's (which does not mean it won't work). Are there other products out there to consider that may be more flexible.

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    I used to have that setup. It ended up leading to too many duplicates for some reason and I just gave up.
    (I also used a treo 650)
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    I have used a connector by MS to sync Office 2003 and Lotus Notes

    My work uses Lotus and I refuse to -- it sucks --- please don't jump on me but all I can tell you is that i have used both for a very long tome and there is no comparison for email and calendaring

    Go to and do a search for Lotus Notes Connector

    I now use outlook to access all my work email on notes and to send/recieve/accept/reschedule invites

    it can hog cpu power - but to me it's worth it

    good luck
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    Bhozier -

    I am with you - I cannot STAND Lotus Notes and am intrigued by this Lotus Notes connector. Do you know if this requires some form of special server configuration, or can you confirm this is as simple as grabbing Outlook '03 and installing the patch?

    I assume this would allow me to sync w/ Outlook in lieu of Notes, and bypass the clunky EasyPro 4.2.3 we use to make Notes talk to the Treo?

    Let me know what you think - I may actually go out and buy Outlook '03 to make this work if it does not require any specific server configuration or interference from our IT department.

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    pretty easy to work with

    just install - then it will ask for your notes password - u need to have notes on the same computer as outlook and the plugin --- it does hog up some cpu but its managable --- it needs to sync on each start up of outlook and that can take a while --- good luck
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    I installed the Outlook Domino Connector and everything is essentially working fine. Because we are a big Notes shop, I am only using Outlook to synch my calendar and then Outlook and the Treo. I am now having some flakey issues with Notes and have to assume it is the Connectors doing.

    Meetings are appearing in my Notes calendar that I have not accepted and when I open the meeting I either get a document not found or a @Function error. In both cases, I can click through the error and open the meeting, but I do not have the option to accept -- only decline. This same behavior also happens to some meetings that are already in my Notes calendar after synching with Outlook.

    I have also noticed that meetings that are marked "Private" in Notes do not synch with Outlook (and thus not my Treo)

    There is little available help for the connector and our Notes people can't help. I also have a ton of mail, which synchs each time and no way to only synch the Notes calendar with Outlook.

    Is there a free to cheap way to synch my Notes calendar with a Treo 600?

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