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    Can I use any bluetooth receiver with Tom Tom and the 650? I was looking at a SirfIII locally but am not sure if I should buy because it does not mention palm only PPC. I am assuming all receivers just use the serial protocol so any should work. Am I correct?
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    I think most will work. From what I have read, people have been using a variety of devices. I use the Delorme Blue Logger and it works great. I think I read somewhere the SirfIII does work but I can't recall where>
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    I have both the DeLorme BlueLogger and the Globalsat BT 338, and both work well. The Globalsat has the SiRF Star III chipset, the BlueLogger doesn't. They both get quick locks on satellites. In the short time I've owned them, the Globalsat always locks on more satellites than the BlueLogger. But, the BlueLogger gets a 3-D dgps reading, where I have yet to see the Globalsat get any better than just 3-D. I am using them both with DeLormes Street Atlas 2006 Handheld software. So far, I've only used them in and around the house in Chicago, so can't say how they compare under adverse conditions like heavy foliage or mountainous terrain. I will keep an eye on performance when in downtown Chicago to see how they compare there.
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    How is the 2006 software working? I did not like the 2005. Could not create routes on the fly worth a darn. Directions were good, but the ability to create new routes on the handheld was pathetic.
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    I have only created one, very short route on the handheld. It was only about 2 miles in length - I just wanted to see how/if it worked. It did fine. Once I create a more typical route I'll post my thoughts in this thread.
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    I have an EMTAC Crux II receiver which connects fine to Treo 650 (Cingular/Unlocked), but looses connection every once in a while - once the connection is lost, I have to soft reset the Treo to get it to connect again. According to Mapopolis (the Navigation software I use), Treo BT 650 stack implements a LOOKAWAY feature that is only supported currently by GlobalSat BT338 and Mobile Crossing BTGPS.

    I have verified that the Mapopolis software is not the cause of the problem by connecting to GPS using manufacturer provided utility (CruxView) and it still disconnects every once in a while...
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    Any bluetooth GPS with NMEA 0183v2 GPS standards should work with TomTom 5. See the TomTom support site and search for NMEA for more information.

    By the way, I have SirfIII in the GlobalSat BT338 and it is awesome. I can put the GlobalSat in my glovebox and still get accurate results.
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    Thanks for the quick responses. I will buy the GPS this friday and see how it goes.
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    Well I bought the GPS. It is a haicom 405III. No problems pairing it and it works great with Tom Tom. Only problem I have run into is it needs to be repaired (even if it is a trusted device) if I turn the GPS off. Now because of the battery life it looks like I will leave it running all the time so this should not be a problem. Seems to be rock solid with tomtom 2004. Not sure if runs any better than my pharos gps that I used linked to my ppc but Tomtom definately works better than Ostia. My ppc would get random lock-ups and the main problem is there was no way to turn off my gps so it would drain the battery of the ppc if I left it overnight.

    I have ordered the Tomtom upgrade and will see how it works.

    Thanks again

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