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    Ok I have a question. I have two mail boxes set up on Chatter one for my business account and one for my personal account. My question however is I have two SMTP accounts to coincide with the two mail boxes. All I want to do is have my personal mail always be sent with the personal SMTP and the business mail always be sent with the business SMTP without having to manually select them. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Just set up an SMTP Profile in each Mailbox. Replies, etc. will use the profile of the original message.

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    don't send from the summary view actually send the mail from the mailbox you want and that smtp will be default....
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    Thanks for the quick response I also got your email form my testimonial from earlier. This is really a great product would never go back to BB. I have two mail boxes set up each with its own SMTP profile replying is not a problem itís only when I want to send a new message. I click new and it automatically defaults to the last SMTP profile I used no matter which mailbox I am in. Maybe I am doing something wrong.
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    Thanks donric609 as stupid as it sounds I never really thought of that. This is still only my fourth day with the treo. But I can't put it down. I thought I would have to go back to the blackberry because I realy on "push" email so much. But thanks to Mark I am a treo user for life now. I think it chatter dose it better then the BB.

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