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    Is there a case that looks good and that is rugged enough to carry at the gym? Preferably stylish enough to be able to have it on when I dress up? Or do I have to buy several cases? I hate plastic, prefer leather. Will be using the Treo when working out to record my work out. ideas? I also hunt, but am not sure if I will bringing it with me. Possible if I have gps sw running on it.
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    I'm sure if you take the time to search the forums you will find a multitude of threads on peoples opinions about cases.

    personaly i like the magnum case.
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    I have read a bunch already and basically started to narrow it down to the magnum case and the the MoBo wallet organizer for when I go out. Now, How bulky is the magnum case? I mean, I was looking at the Timbu pouch, but that is just a receipe for disaster at the gym I think. I need something that is going to protect it there, but enable me to use it without destroying it with my sweaty hands...

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