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    Treo 600 phone earspeaker problem brought me here and I am shocked so many users have the same problem. I bought my Treo 5 months ago on eBay and I have T-mobil service since Sept. 2002 - it means no warranty.
    Can anybody help - how to repair or replace?
    As user of Palm m515 I do not want to change Treo 600.
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    I do have the same problem any help will be of gret help
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    Hey Hegde,
    If your phone is under warranty, Palm will replace the handset under warranty. I just got mine replaced last week and works fine now.
    Ajay Acharya
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    Dear Mr. Ajay Acharya

    My phone worked very well for the last 18 months, I think it is out of warranty and PalmOne is not ready to give me any details or parts to get it serviced here in India ( Bangalore)
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    I think this is a problem with the Hardware. The ear piece speaker is not working. I have a source who can give you this part, he is charging US$16.00 for the part including Airmail. If you want i can give you his contact number. Also, remember, do not give your phone to any mobile phone repairer. I am in Bangalore too, and I have a person who can open this phone and fit the speaker, and will get it working again.
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    I would like have the contact no.
    thanks in advance. can I have your contact no.
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    Please note his Mail ID:, and his name is Alan Montgomery.
    My Mobile no. is 9844095725.
    Do it fast, there is limited stock. Refer my name to him.

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