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    i still have the real player that came with the 650 but wanted to change to pocket tunes. i installed it but can't seem to get sound. real player works fine. when i bring up pocket tunes i can see it's found the songs and is playing them...just no sound. anybody know what to do...


    alan siegel
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    flip that little mute switch on the top of your 650 ...

    Seriously though, I have no idea. Mine worked fine. Try a different version.. Do other players like TCPMP work?
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    i don't know what tcpmp is, but the real player works fine. do i need to uninstall it? or should both work...

    the mute switch is not the problem...i wish it were

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    Both should work. Try to install it again. Also, make sure you go through all the settings.
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    like an *****, i stopped checking whether it played after two songs didn't play. when after going around and around on this with a tech from ptunes, who was also stumped, i skipped ahead one more song and...what a beautiful sound. somehow just by coincidence two songs in formats that would not play came up 1st and 2nd and i never bothered to go any further. old age, i guess. i love ptunes...

    thanks to all

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