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    I cannot for the life of me send an email. I can recieve them all day but it just wont allow me to do outbound. going crazy and need help please.
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    What is your main service? Are you using a Sprint, Verizon or ATT phone? You will need to have the outgoing mail service set with whatever your phone is setup for (i.e. I use Sprint and have to set my outgoing service to with my username and password.
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    Yeah, and you can always use some free outgoing mail servers. I like
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonylmiller
    Yeah, and you can always use some free outgoing mail servers. I like
    Actually I had called Cingularsa data center because I had the same issue, and they told that I would need to use the as the outgoing smtp. Surely cingular wouldnt be directing customers to a 3rd party host?

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    Bellsouth does not let you send mail from there server without a valid bellsouth connection. This means you have to send mail via another smtp server. If you are with sprint then you would use as the outgoing mail server. You would then put your username and password for your sprintpcs mail account in the appropriate fields for the smtp server and away you go. I do not know what the smtp for cingular is but someone else should be able to help if that is your situation. Once set up, the average user will not know that you actualy send via sprintpcs. If they hit reply it will come to your bellsouth account. The only way you can tell is if you go into the actual header and routing info for the email and search through it.
    good luck
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    I just read the replies. Yes I have sprintpcs and use bellsouth. I spent hours last night on the phone with bellsouth. Found out no way it will work with bellsouth outbound. So I setup a gmail account and use it as the outbound. One poster said no one will know it came from my sprintpcs account unless they look in the header. It shows your outgoing with versmail. So it does reveal my outgoing is from not name just for future reference.

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