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    This is my first wireless headset...heck I've only had the Treo for a week. Installation was mostly painless...except for figuring out that holding the button down long enough to get the blue light to stay on.

    First impression is this thing light. Is the battery missing? I wore it for about 2 hours and it was quite livable....though not invisibly comfortable. Sound could be adjusted quite loud but noticebly crackled at the higher volume settings. Sound quality was good both ways...I asked the callers and they couldn't tell the difference between the headset and the phone.

    Auto picked up perfectly for calls and hangs up with the touch of the control button.

    All in all, I'd say it marries well with the 650.

    ...additional remarks after another day of use.

    I wish it didn't stick out from my ear so far. It was actually smaller than I thought looking at the pictures but it looks very noticeable on the ear. It looks Geeky. Maybe you can't wear an earpiece without looking Geeky. Also, the flashing blue light just emphasizes the geekiness. "Hey look at me. I'm wearing a geeky bluetooth headset."

    Common charger is a good thing and the one that comes with this one is a travel charger unit with adapters for other countries. Given that I already have the charging cradle (which also comes with the travel charger) the second charger is a bit redundant. Wish it charged off the same charging cradle instead of needing another brick....a nice little ear hanging off the chargering cradle to plug it into would be a nice touch.

    I'm a little apprehensive about the lack of security. Bluetooth is set up with 128 bit keys so why do manufacturers insist on pairing up to devices with 4 numeric keys and why do they just use the generic 0000???? Someone already posted how easy it is to listen in with a computer and bluetooth snooping software.
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    Don't forget that it uses the same charger as the Treo. Big PLUS!
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    That's good to hear. After months of tossing and turning I finally took the pludge and bought a treo 650 bluetooth headset. If it wasn't any good my next step was the hbh-660.
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    all i am getting is crackles nd i am 2 feet away
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenJoeM
    all i am getting is crackles nd i am 2 feet away
    That will happen if you get too far. Trying getting closer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenJoeM
    all i am getting is crackles nd i am 2 feet away
    You may also want to disconnect any nearby 2.4Ghz systems, like phones, wifi, alarm systems, etc.

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