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    I was looking at FM Transmitters earlier today, and was wondering if this would work for a Treo 600. (I actually was looking at ones for a friend's iPod, but stumbled on this one.)

    It plugs directly into the cigarette outlet and uses the power from that to run the FM Transmitter. However, if you notice at the bottom, it mentions that it can be used to charge USB memory-stick type MP3 players. I was wondering, if anyone knows if this cable can be used to connect my Treo's sync and charge cable to the cigarette lighter adaptor that the FM transmitter is incorporated into, so that I wouldn't need a seperate adaptor for both my Treo and the FM transmitter.
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    Anyone have any idea? If it uses a USB connector it seems like it should work with anything that draws power from the USB port, but it would be nice to know for sure before I buy it.
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    I know its been a while since I made this post, but I decided to try it out on my own. I have a sync and charge cable anyway, and bought the iRock 440, and USB charger cable to connect to the iRock, and a ground loop isolator that iRock's website says may be necessary to prevent interference.

    However, it seems to not be working as I hoped. After a while, the device seems to overload, and the light flashes, and it seems to do a reset of some sort.

    This is with a Treo 600.
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    This is a better unit for FM transmission. You should be able to play audio straight from your SD card if you have your audio in MP3 and you install CardExportII.

    I will try it later and write a review.
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    Yeah, but thats not what I'm trying to do. I'm using PocketTunes, and playing the audio out the Treo's audio connector, and trying to charge the Treo using its connector at the same time.

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