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    I installed both TomTomNav5 and the maps on the SD card. It seems to be working well and i no longer get errors as I deleted the files from the "exchange\To" folder.
    Now, when I Hotsync, i always get the below errors:

    WARNING: Possible database overwrite problem. Backing up database CurrentMap.dat to file C:\Program Files\palmOne\user\Backup\CurrentMap_dat.PDB. The file contained database currentmap.dat data.
    -- Backing up CurrentMap.dat to C:\Program Files\palmOne\user\Backup\CurrentMap_dat.PDB
    -- WARNING: Possible database overwrite problem. Backing up database currentmap.dat to file C:\Program Files\palmOne\user\Backup\currentmap_dat.PDB. The file contained database CurrentMap.dat data.
    -- Backing up currentmap.dat to C:\Program Files\palmOne\user\Backup\currentmap_dat.PDB
    -- WARNING: Possible database overwrite problem. Backing up database d_and_mid-atlantic-415bdc6f.mac to file C:\Program Files\palmOne\user\Backup\d_and_mid-atlantic-415bdc6f_mac.PDB. The file contained database d_and_mid-atlantic-415BDC6F.mac data.
    -- Backing up d_and_mid-atlantic-415bdc6f.mac to C:\Program Files\palmOne\user\Backup\d_and_mid-atlantic-415bdc6f_mac.PDB
    -- WARNING: Possible database overwrite problem. Backing up database d_and_mid-atlantic-415BDC6F.mac to file C:\Program Files\palmOne\user\Backup\d_and_mid-atlantic-415BDC6F_mac.PDB. The file contained database d_and_mid-atlantic-415bdc6f.mac data.
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    I just went into the backup folder and deleted the offending files.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrfaris
    The work around I'm using for my sync problem (until TomTom provides an update) is to turn off the backup attribute on two of the following files (I used FileProg for this). These are located in palm internal memory. The first two seem to reflect the name of the map that was synced first.


    I arbitrarily picked the ones with the capitalized F and M. The first time I synced I got only 2 errors and the next time there were none. Admittedly, I am not backing up some data but I can't imagine why TomTom is creating files with such similar names. Besides, because of the overwrite, I was ending up with only two backup files anyway.
    I posted this on a thread earlier this month. It seems to have solved the overwrite errors with no apparent problems. If you search for "Sync Problems with TomTom5" you can find the entire thread.
    NRG, I'm curious about deleting the files from backup. Do you still have four files on the Treo? If so, I would expect the error to continue since you would always be writing two files with the same names (at least to a window's OS). If not, how'd you get rid of them?...
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    jrfaris - thank you for the reply. Im not sure how to use (or even find), FileProg to turn off the backup attribute. Please let me know how. Sorry if im being stupid. thank you.
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    It is a file management utility. An alternative is Filez.



    The internal Palm software does not allow you to set certain file attributes (such as the backup flag) but these programs do. After installing one of them on the Treo, you can turn off backup for those files that are causing problems with HotSync.

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