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    I tried searching, spent most of my amazing 8 hour work day looking and didn't find what I was looking for, is there a bit torrent client out there for the Treo?
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    short answer . . . no.

    Will there ever be. Possibly. There's one out for WinMobile, but not for palm.
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    You could always use PalmVNC or MobileTS to manage you bittorrents on you PC then transfer the files over when they are done via wireless hotsync or email.
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    Took you 8 hours to figure out there's no BT client for Palm?

    First, there's only 4 ports available IIRC. Second, do you really want to sit with your palm online downloading something at cellular data speeds?

    Seems very silly to me.
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    Bit Torrent client program should be made soon!
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    Are you saying there is one being made, or someone should make one?

    I'll never pass my A/P Communications course.

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