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    This is the only thing how u can insure your treo if u have it on cingular. Do anybody use good and confotable to hadle case for a phone? Becouse i drop averything i have in my hands and treo will be the next i am sure so i just want to keep my little toy safe as mutch as i can.
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    I've dropped this phone at least 20 times and the worst thing that happens is I get some barely noticable scratches on the back and long as you get a screen protector, you'll definitely be protecting the greatest asset of your phone.

    As for the insurance thing....go talk to a State Farm agent and ask them to add your phone to a Personal Articles Policy (PAP). You can add other things to this as well, such as laptop, jewelry, etc. and it won't affect your home owner's insurance. I'd certainly suggest adding something to the policy as there's a $32/yr minimum premium...and the Treo only makes it to $20~25. Also, there's no deductible for your first break/loss.

    I'm sure there are a couple local insurance agencies out there that will do this, but State Farm is about 90+% positively going to insure it for you. Some people here have complained about them denying their policy, but I don't think they got the point across that the phone was valued at over $400.

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