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    hi I recently turned my treo into an MP3 player (or failed to rather). Cause when I unplugged my adapter fromt he treo jack it now thinks i permanently have headphones plugged in, so it sends all the sound to the headphones (that arent there) and i cant use the treo speaker.

    Would removing the backplate and breaking off the Jack fix my problem?
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    I had the same problem on my Treo 650. I believe it's a h/w problem, and got the phone replaced, although it took a while to convince the Sprint reps. They thought it was all the installed apps that caused the problem, but the refurbished phone doesn't have the problem.
    Anyway, do a search in this forum and you'll find others who ran into the same issue. Also do a search for "Treo Freedom" if you want a workaround app.

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