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    The entire screen on my Treo 600 is broken (what kind of case do plp recommend?)

    Anyway, I asked him to see if I could get a 650 because the 600 has a lot of problems. All the guy said he could do was put a note on the acct that I requested one and he couldn't do anything else -- how have plp got 650 from Lockline?
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    Also, since I have the tep - this new phone will have a six month warranty - so if (anything?) happens to it I can bring it to a Sprint Store and get a new/refurb one?

    Also... when the warranty runs out, as long as there is no physical damage, I can get a replacement for $10 too?
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    Grr, I got a Treo 600, I wanted the 650. God dammit.
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  4. #4 why do you think you were 'entitled' to an ungrade to the 650 in the first place!

    Anyway, it will probably be way into 2006 before Sprint starts replacing old Treo 600's with 650's imo...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeitgeist
    I wish CENSORD actually answered me. Grr, I got a Treo 600, I wanted the 650. God CENSORD.
    And take it easy with the language. Learn to self censor.
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