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    It's quite likely that this topic should be put immediately into either a sticky position, or within the set of recomended articles.

    Audience: People with Treo 650 or T5 handhelds that do not use palm desktop
    Suggested keywors: Treo 650 linux unix freebsd netbsd openbsd pilot-xfer pilot-link

    Pilot-link, version 0.11.x (which people on UN*X often use to talk to their palm devices) will not correctly load pdb or prc files with larger than 64k segments. These seem to include, but are not limited to Chattermail, PocketTunes, and several of the SSH clients. If you load an application and notice it crashing, then try loading the applicaton on an SD card and then transferring it to the palm --- if it works, then your version of pilot-link (pilot-xfer) is faulty.

    I have been in touch with the developers, and version 0.12.x (currently marked beta) works. He said that they are waiting for some of the open source palm sync products to catch up to their API before making 0.12.x official.

    This is commendable, but it must be said tha this has caused me three months of frustration. Hopefully this will help others. I'm left wondering how many people have returned their treo650 as being unstable before discovering this?
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    eh? I use pilot-tools for everything, and install all kinds of stuff using pilot-xfer, as well as backup AND restore the Palm using pilot-tools and jpilot as a front end. Use jpilot-sync to do the syncing, etc.

    I've definately never seen this problem, so maybe it's a problem in some setups or what not but not all setups.

    Using 0.11.8 that's in Fedora Core 3.
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    No. I talked with the development people. Try installing Chattermail (please backup your treo first). Aparently Palm changed a number of things in 5.x ... and this is just one little bit of fallout. This is also why you get a new version of palm desktop on your CD that is not available on the site.

    Anyways... pilot-xfer works for anything that uses records of less than 64k. But it's disasterous for programs with larger than 64k records.
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    I should have mentioned I've installed ChatterMail betas 5-6 times via pilot-xfer. Meant to say that originally.

    I also have other large programs, like AvantGo, etc, but I'm not sure if 64k records means 64k file size or what, I'm a little ignorant on those details.
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    Palm database files are composed of records. Both .prc and .pdb files. Under PalmOS <5, the max size of these records was 64k. Might even be related to something as ancient as Motorola S-records (an old assembly upload format for 680x0 prototype boards).

    Under PalmOS >5, larger records are allowed. Older software (which might not even be ARM-based code) will work fine, but in talking with the authors of pilot-xfer, versions before 0.12 should not be able to upload the new larger than 64k records ... which new applications may choose to use.

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