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    Hi all !

    Could anyone of you fix that HALRadioAcDc.c error on the Treo 650 without sending it to Palm for repair ?

    Is there an official statement from Palm if it's a hardware or a software cause ?

    Any info welcome, thanks !
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    Unfortunately everything I've read says this is a hardware failure/error and must be replaced by Palm. I assume what happens is the radio is failing for some reason.

    If it just happened once, maybe no big deal.. If it's happening frequently, get it fixed.
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    I've had a few T650's - one with Sprint, and now I'm on my 2nd Cingular. The Sprint and the first Cingular unit both had the HalRadioAcDc crash a few times early on, then never again. I ended up returning both for unrelated reasons. My current Cingular unit has never had that particular problem (although plenty of others :-( )

    Like Khaytsus said, if it happens just once (or even a few times), don't panic. It might go away, like it did for me twice. If it happens consistently, send it in for a replacement.

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