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    Would a metal case (Innopocket's aluminium case for Treo 650) affect Bluetooth performance?

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    did not affect my bluetooth
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    I had one for my tungsten t and it didn't affect that one's BT
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    A lot of people say that it won't affect the bluetooth, but does affect signal strength. (there's a whole thread about the signal strength)
    Now I disagree about the bluetooth though. I WILL definitely affect the range of the bluetooth. I asked about this in the past and got a lot of responses that said they did have any problems with the 650 innopocket case that has the window in the fron of it. I had a modifiy 600 innopocket case that did not have a window. With the door closed, I had all kinds of static on my headset, but with the door open and standing in front of the case, it worked fine, but get behind the case and again, interference.
    If the human body intereferes with the bluetooth signal, aluminum is sure going to interfere.

    Everyone has their own opinion as to whether the extra protection of the metal case is worth the lower signals. Mine is, no it's not worth it and went with an EB Flipper leather case.

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