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    I just ordered the Codi Fit Case (brown leather)

    Right now my Treo is nekkid except for screen protector, and I knew I wanted a case... I've been reading LOTS of reviews and it seems they all have tradeoffs.

    This one seems like it's what I'm looking for... Full face protection but fully usable screen/buttons, leather, and a belt clip that isn't bulky so I can still pocket the phone. I travel a lot, so a small/light but fully protective case is key for me.

    I ruled out metal because metal cases cut reception a little,I hate clamshells because I don't want my case to flap flap flap, and I don't want a silicone skin because I don't want to fight my pocket to retrieve the phone, and I phear keeping the phone in my pocket if I'm using it to listen to MP3 or shoutcast, since I read that the 2.5mm jack is bulky.

    The Treocentral review looks good, there are no user reviews and i didn't see a post about it in the forums.

    Anyone have one of these? How do you like it in practice?
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    I am looking at it too. Let me know here how u like it!

    P.S. Could be cheaper :

    Does treocentral one has plastic on front?
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    I ordered it for $13 from a webstore... didnt look on ebay! oh well. It's a nice looking case!

    I'm pretty certain they all have the plastic front.

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