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    Quote Originally Posted by BorderHeeler
    Looking forward to your review! Curious how much protection it offers, being sort of a cross between an e-grip and a skin.. It sure is a fun idea for a case - I like the customizing aspect.

    Yup, im wondering how easily they go on/come off. I'd change mine a couple times a year depending on the sports season if theyre easy to apply and remove.
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    I just use the Palm Side case. I cut the hole for the head phone jack though because i like to wear it on my right side. Works like a charm and I'm never worried about it, until i get butter fingers and drop it while taking it out! (not that i've done that b4! (yeah right!))

    I was thinking about getting that Grip Skin stuff to fix that though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BorderHeeler
    Looking forward to your review! Curious how much protection it offers, being sort of a cross between an e-grip and a skin.. It sure is a fun idea for a case - I like the customizing aspect.

    Probably what I will do is, when I get the personalized skin, I will apply that, then apply a "clear" e-grips. According to egrips makers, they are coming out with a clear version. I think the skin itself just protects the casing from scratches (or at least cover them up) but does not provide any additional "grippiness"
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    read my thread on how to protect the treo.
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    I am happy to report that a skinned Treo will fit nicely in the Covertec horizontal leather pouch case. It is a bit snug initially but stretches out just enough and the strap closure (as opposed to a flap) is more forgiving about the extra size of the skin case. The Covertec is definitely a very nice case (the spring metal belt clip does not protrude, yet it swivels! ). And while it is a bit pricey (list price is $30) I was able to find it for a more reasonable $18 on EBay. Either way, it is far less expensive than the Seidio leather case reported above (and it is horizontal, which to me is a much better design).

    I also found another even more reasonable alternative - to use a Sidekick II case. In fact the following model is a steal:

    However, when I tried my Treo in a Sidekick II case at a T-Mobile store I found the fit to be a bit too generous (the Sidekick is nearly 3/4" longer than the Treo) and the case a bit bigger than I wanted. If you are not a picky as me something like this will be your best and lowest-cost choice.
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    Scratches on the body of the Treo are of no concern to me. This thing is a tool, like my torque wrench or my USB keydrive attached to my keychain. This ISN'T a museum piece on permanent exhibit on my belt. It already has a small ding on the chrome around the screen, but to be honest, I totally don't care, as long as it works.

    You should see my Kyocera 7135, or even my old Psions - they all work even though they look completely beat up after going through the ringer, day after day out in the field. I consider them well-worn and loved.

    Of course, there's a screen protector on my new Treo 650, but that's a functional bit of protection against screen-scratches. I have a recycled E&B Copilot III pouch on my belt until a Sedio holster arrives. I have a TreoCentral silicon skin shipping with the Holster, but I suspect I'll be returning it as overkill.

    I'll probably get a NutSkin for those times it goes in my hiking pack, but even that seems like overkill...

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    i protect treo by silicone case and treo side case.
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    Screen Protector
    Horizontal Side Pouch belt clip, on my hip 24/7, except when sleeping or swimming.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pmdied
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snagga
    if u go caseless check out this site
    Most excellent....designed a cler faceplate and low key rear plate... ordered and paypal'd. Positive exchange rate as well!!!
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    Just eGrips and screen protector for me.
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    good ol' handspring. this old 180g case does the job pretty well
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