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    Ok so i Have two gmail accounts that i want to push to my new treo 650. i set up versamail and it seemed to work nicely for two days until now all of a sudden whenever i try to download my mail in one oft he accounts i get an error message and it will only download one message at a time per connect. SOoooooo i have decided to do what everyone says, that being to go to chatter and suck up the cost. Here is where I need help PLEASE! and please forgive me because I know if i searched long enough I could probably find the answers but I am LOST!
    I need to know how to set up my gmail accounts on chatter. i do not necesarily need them pushed to the treo as I do not mind downloading when I want to read and to beh onest I do not trust fastmail just yer based on what i have read. So what settings do I need for gmail to receive and be able to send fro my treo 650? PEASE HELP!!
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    the same settings you use in versamail...
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    pop3 server:
    Login name
    smtp server:
    make sure SSL is checked

    The rest should be pretty self-explanatory
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