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    Anyone tried these new cases from Podsplus
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    Anyone ?
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    I LIKE! The only thing is, I dont see where the microphone cutout should be... I really want a Vaja-like case without the Vaja cost... But if the mic cutout isnt big I will pass, cause I dont want to mess around with cutting it out myself. If anyone else tries it and has a review please post it. It look slike a really nice case.

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    So finally someone paid attention to this thread.
    I do n't think anyone has bought this one and do not want to pay attention either.
    The leather is soft and looks much better at about 1/3rd the cost of Vaja
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    Be careful. A friend of mine bought the $40 T65 clone that TC sells. The leather used is too thick and interferes with the keys at the left, riht and bottom of the keypad.

    Even TC's own review panned that case.

    I don't lnow if podsplus case is like that. But, watch out for such issues.
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