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    *I did a search already, too many topics*

    I tried to use quick install to put some MP3's (about 400mb) on my Treo 650's 1g SD card, but because it was slow I canceled out of it. Now each time I sync, it tries to put those files on even though I've cleared out the "Expansion Card" queue.

    I'm at wits end cleaning this issue out. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Palm Desktop and Quick Install in an attempt to clear this issue up. Help please.

    On an unrelated note. How can I completely back my address and calendar up in a secure location where HotSync can't get at them? (I'm cleaning up after a pretty messy Versamail install)

    Thanks guys.
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    *I did a search already, too many topics*

    Launch the desktop, go to hotsync>custom, scroll down to where it says media and change the setting to "Do Nothing" that should stop it from syncing the media files everytime.
    You can do the same thing for your calendar and contacts. Buy yourself a good card reader. They're cheap.

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    Try searching your hard drive for a certain MP3 that it tries to send over. That will reveal all places where it lives, and then you can delete the needed copies.

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