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    Hi all,

    Well I am curious about something, my new 650 came pre loaded with the 1.31/1.15CNG on it, phone seems to be rock solid and volume from speaker and handset seemed adequate.

    When I went to register and transfer some files to the SD card, I noticed the initial HotSync updated certain files and also installed <documents>. Is this normal? I thought you had to manually instal these files for them to update, my understanding was that by using the hotsync the newly created account would mirror the handsets stock settings and applications.

    Also one thing that seems odd is that before the initial hotsync handset volume seemed pretty good, and now all of a sudden I notice the volume to be considerably lower after the initial sync. Really odd....

    Anyways, stability still seems to be rock solid but the fact that the hot sync added files with out me saying yes or no has me worried.

    Another question also, is the "documents" app, docs2go? and if it is, does the app run full version for free or do I need to buy a licence to use its full functionality or what not.

    Any help is appreciated. But for now my primary concern is why the handset updated files and added applications with out my consent, and then of course why my handset volume went from fine to low with the sync.

    Arggg... Any help is appreciated.

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    Yes Documents is Docs2Go. Should not need any additional license. Do yourself a favour & get the Dataviz Tech Tool off their website somewhere. It allows you to move all of the apps to the card - no small feat because there is a confusing array of files involved in the application. You can also get the most recent version off the website which is 7.006. Once on the card it's not very much imposition. Still if you don't like it you can delete it off the Treo in the Delete Apps application.
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    It is automatically loaded, but like David said, you can always delete it. And I would definitely agree with him to download the tech tool and move the app to the card. It will save a heck of alot of memory since all of the D2G apps take up about 3megs I think.
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    I have a Cingular 650 and I had to manually add the extra programs, like Adobe Reader and Docs2Go. I was given the option to add only the files I wanted from Docs2Go, so I eliminated Sheet to Go and Slide to Go to save memory.
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    Click on my name
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    4th or 5th down is a thread on Free Some Memory

    You will find the Data Viz tech tool.

    Cheers, Perry

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