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    It seems that now when i listen to a mp3 file that is located on my device that when i switch screens/applications, i can hear a little lag in the audio. The best way to describe it is: sounds like the ptunes hesitates when i switch apps. kinda like if you have too many programs open in Windows and you try to open up another one...if you are listening to something it skips/hesitates.

    I was wondering if the treo get can defragmented? I have 13mb free on the handheld. I have a very fast SD card. What could it be? I should state that the reason I posted this is because i went into resco explorer, under "ram info" and it told me i have 13mb free, but i have only 4mb in MaxDynChunk???
    That sounds like i only have 4mb in continuous free space and the rest is defragmented.

    Thanks for any help
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    As fas as I know, this is normal and is not a sign of anything wrong with your treo or ptunes. Mine does the same thing. I believe it happens when the CPU is tasked to do something relatively intensive, like switching apps, and ptunes does not get enough cycles to continue to play smoothly for a second.
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    I had the same problem with my Kinoma player

    I noticed that I had also installed the STOWAWAY Bluetooth Driver, and the fact that it was turned on and kept looking for a signal, interrupted the speed, at which, the music was playing

    anyhoo ---- if you can, I recommend turning off BLUETOOTH, or turning off various Bluetooth drivers (Stowaway keyboard, etc)

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