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    I am looking into getting Pocket Quicken 2.5 and have a question I can't seem to find the answer to. Can Pocket Quicken 2.5 use the internet capability of my treo to download stock quotes and bank info the same way I can when using my Quicken from home? Does it have a PIN vault?

    I am in the habit of running the Quicken 2005 Basic "One Step Update" each night when I get home from work. I can then click on my portfolio and see how much my portfolio went up (or more usually) down that day. Will I be able to do this from my Treo using PQ 2.5?

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    No, Pocket Quicken cannot do that. The only Palm financial software that can connect with the bank site is Spash Money. As nice as that is, Pocket Quicken wins overall for me. It sure would be great if they could add that function to a future version of Pocket Quicken.
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