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    I am just testing a trial of TakePhone and have some problems with it, which I hope someone can resolve:

    As I figured out until now, the application should be able to dial a phone number from contacts via bluetooth on a mobile (e.g. Nokia 6310i). So I tried the following:

    - I use a Treo650 with TakePhone installed and its own phone application switched OFF

    - at the same time I use my Nokia 6310i (installed into my hands free unit of my car) and having bluetooth enabled on both devices (they are paired and "know" each other)

    - I configured TakePhone to dial via "Bluetooth (rfcm)" when in my car;

    When I tap on the selected contact for dialing it, I receive a fault message saying "Telephony libratry not found (050A)" and no dialing happens.

    Can you help me and tell me what is wrong. Isn't it basically possible to use my Treo650 dialing on my Nokia via bluetooth?

    I would highly appreciate someone's help, as until now, I didn't find another software which might be able to do what I want to do with it.

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    Seems that the Treo 650 does not have the Palm Telephony library installed, thus TAKEphONE can not dial via Bluetooth to another cellphone.

    Have you been able to use the BT to do ANYTHING with the 6310i ?

    Shimon Shnitzer
    Maker of TAKEphONE, 2day, 4cast, 2dial & CallCards -
    "Take telephony into your Palm"
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    Hi, Shimon!

    As your Mailbox produced some errors and returned my mails, I will post my answers here:

    Thanks for your effort of helping me!

    Basically, the Treo650 can communicate with the 6310i via BT! I successfully
    paired the devices and transfered data between them (contact data).

    I was even able to do some dialing from Treo650 via BT to Nokia 6310i using
    another application called "GSM dialer v1.8".

    Nevertheless, this application seems not to be programmed very good in this
    feature, because

    - it does not support 5-way-navigation-key which makes finding contacts very
    - with every call you want to do, you have to reselect the BT device and so
    you have to tap the screen at least 5 times for dialing one number; thats
    impossible while driving a car
    - the program is not very reliable with this feature; if you select the
    wrong check boxes, it even doesn't start any more

    Follow this link to find this application:

    It's called "PDA Dialer calls over Bluetooth/IR 1.8". In other places it's
    only called GSM-dialer 1.8.

    Be careful, there are settings in it which will make the Treo "hang" (e.g.
    auto connect at startup).

    It would be great, if you found a way to make BT-dialing work on Treo650.

    Thanks and cheers


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