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    I am wanting to mess with Handheld Basic for my Treo 650, but while using the Palm OS Emulator ROM download tool, my Treo falls asleep at about 60%... I even set the timeout in Prefs to 3 mins and tried hitting some buttons, tapping the screen, etc to keep it awake.

    How can I keep the Treo awake long enough to download the ROM from it and use it in the emulator???


    Apparently there is a SECOND palm developers site at sheesh.
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    Apparently you can't, and there is some sort of 650 emulator from Palmone... but I can't find it on their developer site.

    Any hint as to what it's called??
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    Check out this page for Treo 650 developer downloads:

    You will have to register first to get access, and be warned that about half of the simulators available for download don't seem to work. I can't remember which ones are faulty, but if you download one and can't get it working don't tear your hair out. Try downloading another. There will be plenty of reasons to tear your hair out once you start actual development.

    Why does Palm make it so difficult for developers? The resources needed for T650 coding are scattered about in so many places, with so little documentation. *SIGH*

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