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    In spite of my best efforts, all I ever get on the Yahoo channel after a HotSync is "Welcome Guest." I have set up My Yahoo and have tried to save this in my AvantGo prefs. All I get are empty promises that it will remember this info.

    P.S. While I don't post much, I have very much appreciated all of the tips (and humor) from Visor Central over the last couple of months.
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    this thread should answer your questions...

    you may find answers to other problems by simply using the 'search' function. The visorcentral staff have really done a good job with this site and the function works great!
    wow, it's been awhile.....things have REALLY changed...why is my Visor Edge still in my hand? Will a Treo fit better?
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    I think I went the same route you did. Forget about setting the Avantgo channel at Leave it at (the default channel.) Once you've logged in at myyahoo, avantgo will recognize your preferences wuth the next sync and each one thereafter.

    One thing I suggest is that you login on the Visor and do not logout from there. I never sign out of My Yahoo, on my Visor. You will always be set up and updated by syncing. Works for me anyway. Note you do not have to login to my yahoo again to sync successfully. Only if you want to make edits to the setup/availability of your articles.

    mr. kia.
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    Thanks for the help--I'll try these out and see how it goes from here! (The possibility of movie listings on my handheld are too nifty to pass up.)
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    K. Cannon, if you want a cool interface and complete movie listings try If you already have AvantGo installed, it will use mobile link to update listings. Also lists restaraunts, bars, and gives directions.
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    appreciate your suggestion, but my city hasn't made it to the big time yet!!
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    K. Cannon, sorry about that. is another one that seems to have more cities. I'm not as familiar with JunglePort, it doesn't have movie listings, but it has a dining guide, yellow pages, and a map. I now live in a big city, but before I did I knew exactly how frustrating it could be not having the local info online.

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