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    I just got off the phone with Sprint trying to get some juicy info on upcoming phones and EVDO and they gave me some interesting tidbits...

    I cannot believe that this is true but two employees told me the same thing, one in business sales and one in technical support. Are you ready for this?

    According to Sprint, our phones are EVDO enabled and can take advantage of the high speed network when we are in range. Is anyone in an EVDo area to check the validity of this?

    Anyone hear anything about this? Seriously, somebody else call and ask about this so I don't feel so dumb if they are wrong
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    Nothing in the User's Guide. Nothing in the phone interface. Doubt it is true. Maybe both the people you spoke with went to the same training session that talked about upcoming features.

    Would be nice, though. San Antonio has EVDO through Verizon IIRC and I can't find a way to access this with my 650...Oh well, next generation, perhaps.
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    Somebody else call and see what answer you get. I am gonna see if I can get a Level 2 tech.
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    this phone is not capable of evdo.

    wrong chipset or something like that.

    a tc user took it apart to verify. the thread should be easy to find

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