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    I'd like to use my treo650 as a modem using the sync cable. Is there any software (modem driver) I can install on a laptop that will recognize the treo650 as a modem? I don't want to have to install hotsync or the palmdesktop on the laptop. I've tried pdanet which works well, but requires hotsync on the laptop. I'm looking to use the cable and not Bluetooth.

    I used to do this with my VGA1000 phone and it worked really well. I'm looking for something similar for my treo. Thanks for any help.

    [edit: I use hotsync and palm desktop on my main desktop computer. I don't want to have to install them on the laptop. Can PDAnet installed on the laptop without the other stuff? I didn't see a way to do that.]
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    Any update on this question? I've search the forums and I couldn't find anything. I used to have the LG VX4400 and Samsung i600 and they both had a modem driver that was small and didn't require activesync or hotsync installed. Simply tell windows u got a modem and here's the driver and create a DUN.

    Does this exist for the Treo 650?

    BTW bluetooth works great but then u have to install a BT stack on every computer u install your BT adapter on =(
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    I hope someone has a solution to this. I haven't found anything yet.
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    The two options are bluetooth and PDANet. Sorry.

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